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Home2020 NEC for HI Charlie Buell

Details to ensure you earn full credit for your course.

  • uses for its video conferencing broadcast. To ensure your up to date with we encourage you to login and join the waiting room at least 10 minutes prior to go live broadcast and not delayed dealing with software updates you may encounter. Once the presentation begins late entry will be barred at the 10 minute mark.

  • All online events are recorded in compliance with DOL.
  • DOL requires each student to have a camera on that displays your likeliness during the education presentation. Please come prepared to dedicate yourself to a day of education. Attempting multi task will negate your attendance and no credits will be approved.
  • You will be requested by the admin to sign via chat please respond with the first and last name you used to register for event. Failure to do so will result in no credits earned. Please ask upon entry for help if you do not understand the mandate.
  • No exceptions to these rules.

This event is being recorded solely for compliance with DOL requirements. enters into a one time contract with each presenter. The course is their intellectual property. Therefore No rebroadcast will occur. 

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